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Title: UNREMARKABLE LIFE (Patricia Neal, Shelley Winters)
Title AKA:/aka/ An Unremarkable Life

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Year: 1989 / VHS / 97 mins

Director: Amin Q Chaudhri

Patricia Neal, Shelley Winters, Mako, Jenny Chrisinger, Charles S Dutton, Lily Knight, Rochelle Oliver, Michael O'Neill, Madeleine Sherwood

Video Notes:
Despite their very different natures, Sisters Frances and Evelyn have shared a home for the past 15 years. When Frances begins a romantic involvement, both sisters are forced to confront their values, their relationships and what "living" really means. The insular life of two elderly sisters is disrupted when one of them takes a suitor. To make matters even more complicated, the new man is Chinese. Evelyn, a bigoted and unhappy widow, is both appalled and jealous. But her spinster sister Frances refuses to pass up what may be her last chance at love. VIEWER COMMENT: "This a little gem of a movie. I bought it because of the two stars in it, I did not know anything about the movie. I found it to be very enjoyable. Patricia Neal does a superb job and Shelley Winters is hard to beat in roles where she can be disagreeable. These were two of Hollywoods great actresses!"