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Title: TOMBOY and The CHAMP (Candy Moore)
Title AKA:/aka/ Tomboy & The Champ

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Year: 1961 / VHS / 92 mins

Director: Francis D. Lyon

Candy Moore, Ben Johnson, Jesse White, Rex Allen, Glenn Corbett, Jess Kirkpatrick

Video Notes:
A story set in Texas about people who beat the odds and prove that winners are made, not born. Tommie Jo is devoted to caring for and raising her pet calf. She is trying her best to reer the steer into becoming a prize-winning calf at shows outside of her small town in Texas. Suddenly, Tommie Jo becomes stricken with polio and looses the use of her legs. This brings her confidence level low enough to think she can no longer care for her pet until she gets a special visit from a town minister who helps her to regain her faith in God as well as the use of her legs. Soon after winning the top prize in Chicago, Tommie Jo regains her spirit and health until she learns that her steer is scheduled to be slaughtered