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Title: Hi Life
Title AKA:/aka/ Hi-Life /aka/ High Life

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Year: 1998 / VHS / 85 mins

Director: Roger Hedden

Campbell Scott, Moira Kelly, Michelle Durning, Eric Stoltz, Peter Riegert, Charles Durning, Katrin Cartlidge, Saundra Santiago, Carlo Alban, David Aaron Baker, Daryl Hannah, Steve Gilger, Tucker Smith, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Christina Santiago

Video Notes:
Jimmy has a gambling debt and uses a lie to get his girlfriend Susan to help him find $900. Susan uses another lie to get her bartender brother Ray to help, but Ray hates Jimmy. Ray wanders around the local bars collecting the money; Jimmy's looking for Ray and Susan's looking for Jimmy. If the wrong people meet, the lies will unravel.