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Title: STATIC (Keith Gordon, Amanda Plummer)
Title AKA:/aka/ Necessity

OUR PRICE: $15.00

Year: 1985 / VHS / 93 mins

Director: Mark Romanek, Keith Gordon (co-Wrote)

Keith Gordon, Amanda Plummer, Barton Heyman, Bob Gunton

Video Notes:
"STATIC... it's on a different wavelength." A quirky, out-of-of place worker at a crucifix factory in the Bible Belt invents a device he claims can show pictures of Heaven. Discouraged and confused by the inability of those around him to see anything but a screenful of static, he charismatically hijacks a bus of friendly elderly people in order to get media attention for his invention. Ernie is an inventor who has come up with something big - he's convinced it will change the way people look at life. With the support of his new wave girlfriend and his ex-Green Beret cousin, Ernie unveils his invention to the world. But even he isn't prepared for their reaction.