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Title: EVERLASTING SECRET FAMILY (Arthur Dignam, Mark Lee)
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Year: 1988 / VHS / 93 mins

Director: Michael Thornhill

Arthur Dignam, Mark Lee, Dominic Barry, Tony Bremner, Alexander Broun, Alan Carey, Heather Mitchell, Dennis Miller, Paul Goddard

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An Australian tale of sex and power. In public, a popular and powerful senator, happily married with a young son. In private, he is a senior member of the secret family which controls a world of corruption and sexual manipulation at the highest levels of society. A beautiful, if ambitious and amoral, youth is tapped to become the lover of a powerful senator. The young man quickly realizes that he can hold this place, with all its perks, only as long as he is young. He has no other function than being young. With the help of an aged judge, the young man, referred to only as The Lover, contrives a plan to make a change in the way of the world, a plan that will take him years to realize. To succeed, he must manipulate, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, the senator, his wife, the family chauffeur (who was, when young, a lover), and, by implication, the entire well-planned and controlling everlasting secret family. "Everlasting Secret Family" is the name of a sub-rosa homosexual brotherhood in this riveting Australian film. Two of the ESF members are a middle-aged politician (Arthur Dignam) and a boarding-school student (Mark Lee). The younger man begins chafing at the "plaything" status imposed upon him by the older members of ESF. His resentment culminates in a battle of wills between himself and the senator's politically expedient "straight" wife (Heather Mitchell). Dispensing with subtlety, Everlasting Secret Family suggests that, like the so-called mainstream political scene, the gay lifestyle can become a dangerously manipulative power trip in the wrong hands. Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide.