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Title: ORION'S BELT (Helge Jordal)
Title AKA:/aka/ Orions Belt /aka/ Orions Belte

OUR PRICE: $10.00

Year: 1987 / VHS / 87 mins

Director: Ola Solum

Helge Jordal, Hans Ola Sorlie, Kjersti Holmen, Sverre Anker Ousdal

Video Notes:
This is the codename given by military strategists to an area bordered by Russia, Greenland and Europe. Here is where three Norwegian adventurers find themselves pawns, stumbling upon a secret Soviet military station. They are forced to flee only to find that what they have seen has turned even their own government into a deadly threat. "This is an exciting thriller about three men who accidentally stumble upon a Russian spy station on "Orion's Belt," a remote segment of the Norwegian island that is their home. Tom (Helge Jordal), Larse (Sverre Anker Ousdal), and Sverre (Hans Ola Sorlie) run a barely profitable business boating tourists around the fjords and showing off the stunning landscapes that are a part of their coastline. But since this business has limited potential, one day the three decide to smuggle out a tractor and sell it for a good return in Greenland. On the way back from that successful venture, a storm hits hard, and they seek shelter on the northern, deserted shore of their island. There they discover the Russian spy station. The three are soon spotted, and though they try to make an escape in their boat, a Russian helicopter nearly shoots it out from under them. Tom's ingenuity devises a way to down the chopper, but soon another looms on the horizon to take its place. Eventually, Tom alone makes his way back home and then is summoned to Oslo for a meeting with the authorities, an encounter that turns out to be very different than expected." Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide