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Title: WHEN WOLVES CRY (William Holden, Virna Lisi)
Title AKA:/aka/ Christmas Tree /aka/ Arbre de Noël, L'

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Year: 1969 / VHS / 108 mins

Director: Terence Young

William Holden, Virna Lisi, Brook Fuller, Bourvil, Madeleine Damien, Mario Feliciani, Friedrich von Ledebur, Georges Douking, Michel Thomass, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Yves Barsacq, France Dounic, Paul Bonifas, Maria Schneider

Video Notes:
The compelling story of a father's love for his dying son. Holden's performance is extraordinary. Since the death of his mother, Pascal, ten years old, spends his holidays with his father, the rich Laurent Segur. One day, when diving near the shores of Corse, an aircraft falls into the sea. The holiday goes on happily with Catherine, the young and pretty girlfriend of Laurent. But soon blue marks appear on the face of Pascal. He has been contaminated by a nuclear weapon carried by the destroyed plane, and he won't survive more than six months. There is nothing Laurent can do, except give his son the best six months he has ever lived. VIEWER COMMENT: "I first saw this movie as a young boy in 1978 and was particularly moved by the story. The movie portrays a wealthy father, successful in business, whose son is tragically taken ill after a military plane explodes overhead whilst they are on holiday. The father is underwater at the time and is not affected. However, the plane appears to have been carrying some nuclear device whose fallout affects the boy. The story then shows a major re-alignment of the father's priorities as he discovers that all of his contacts and money actually mean much less to him than his son's well being. Set primarily in France and with the aid of some strong supporting roles, the film cannot fail to touch the heart."