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Title: Rebels Series MARLON BRANDO
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Year: / VHS / 90 mins

Director: Claudio Masenza

Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Maureen Stapleton, Glenn Ford, Rod Steiger, Jocelyn Brando, Julie Harris, Bernardo Bertolucci

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This is an excellent documentary on Brando and the must have documentary on the actor. It is presented chronologically starting off with some stories from Marlon's youth told by his sister. His career is then followed film by film, project by project. Interviews are given by his fellow actors, writers and directors. Some of the stories include Joshua Logan, the director of Sayonara (1957), telling how Brando picked a fight with him on the set in order "to find the feeling of the scene"; Marlon and his pet raccoon on the set Viva Zapata; Anthony Quinn telling stories about working with marlon on Zapata; Rod Steiger on Brando during the filming of On The Waterfront; Other interviews include Jane Fonda, Glenn Ford, Maureen Stapleton tells about Marlon visiting her in the hospital, Marlon Brando's wives, Biographer Bob Thomas and more!