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Title: RACHEL RIVER (Pamela Reed, Ailene Cole, Jon DeVries)
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Year: 1987 / VHS / 88 mins

Director: Sandy Smolan

Ailene Cole, Jon DeVries, Ron Duffy, Michael Gallagher, Jo Henderson, Zeljko Ivanek, Richard Jenkins, Viveca Lindfors, Craig T Nelson, Alan North, James Olson, Oliver Osterberg, Pamela Reed, Richard Riehle

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Comedy drama about a young journalist (Pamela Reed) who, upon returning to her Minnesota home town, begins to examine her life. "Rachel River is a small town in Minnesota. When local "looney tune" Aileen Cole dies, the town comes to the slow realization that the reclusive Cole has in fact touched the lives of virtually every citizen--and nearly always in a positive manner. That realization is so slow because, immediately after Cole's demise, everyone is more concerned with scrambling to recover a buried treasure rumored to be on the old woman's property. The very thin plotline is fleshed out by individual episodes involving some of the town's more visible denizens: Cole's slobbish nephew Craig T. Nelson, Nelson's viper-tongued sister Jo Henderson, elderly Viveca Lindfors, local radio personality Pamela Reed, covetous undertaker James Olson, and "village idiot" Zeljko Ivanek, whose top billing in the opening credits is justified as the story develops. Rachel River premiered in June of 1989 as a PBS American Playhouse telecast, then enjoyed a brief theatrical distribution." ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide.