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Title: MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN (Susan Penhaligon) PAL Vhs
Title AKA:/aka/ Miracoli accadono ancora, I /aka/ Amazon Death Trap /aka/ Story of Juliane Koepcke

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Year: 1974 / PAL / 87 mins

Director: Giuseppe Scotese

Susan Penhaligon, Paul Muller, Graziella Galvani, Clyde Peters

Video Notes:
A fact-based drama about an Amazon plane crash that killed 91 passengers and left one survivor, a teen-age girl. The true story of Juliane Koepcke who amazingly survived one of the most unbelievable adventures of our times. Flying from Peru to see her father for the New Year celebration, Julianes plane hits a cycclone and breaks up at 24,000 feet. Somehow, miraculously, Juliane survives the horror only to find herself alone in the hostile world of the South American rain forest. There her tormented battle to find civilization begins. "This adventure based on a true story features the courage of teenager Penhaligon who hikes through the Amazon jungle after a plane crash leaves her the sole survivor." All Movie Guide. VIEWER COMMENT : "I bought this movie online a couple of years back. I had rented the movie to see back in the 1980s. This is one hell of a good movie. It is noticeably low budget, Italian made, but English language. It is based upon a true story about a survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon rain forest. Actress, Susan Penhaligon plays a young girl wandering around the jungle, as dangerous creatures lurk about. She has to swim the jungle's rivers and streams in order to get back to civilization. I remember the first time I saw it, and feeling emotion for the girl, hoping she would find her way out. I spoke of the film being low budget, but with fine acting, a low production budget doesn't matter. I love this movie, but it has been extremely difficult to find again, so I am glad I was smart enough to invest in my own copy when I had the chance, and now I have it." FILM TRIVIA : Most of this movie's cast is comprised by the people who actually "lived" the Juliane Koepcke story...including pilot Clyde Peters, the nun at the hospital, and the wood-cutters who found and rescued Juliane. The exceptions are Susan Penhaligon, the actors who portray Juliane's parents and, naturally, the crew and other passengers of the ill-fated airliner.