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Title: HOT CHILD IN THE CITY (Leah Ayres Hendrix, Shari Shattuck)
Title AKA:/aka/ Last Call For Murder

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Year: 1987 / VHS / 85 mins

Director: John Florea

Leah Ayres Hendrix, Antony Alda, Geof Prysirr, Shari Shattuck, Geof Prysirr, Will Bledsoe

Video Notes:
When Rachel went to visit her very successful sister in Hollywood, she expected her vacation to be exciting compared to her life in Kansas. She didn't expect her sister's murder. VIEWER COMMENT: "I happen to love this movie! It has a little of everything and of course, flashy clothes, Ron Moss and my favorite song of all time by one hit wonder Nick Gilder. Lots of Billy Idol and 80's music. I love the story line and even the bisexual theme. You really get the full effect of a club party in the 80's. That is if you like the 80's. Which I grew up in and so, so love! This movie is a rare find."