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Title: RECRUITS (Lolita Davidovich, Alan Deveau)
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Year: 1986 / VHS / 81 mins

Director: Rafal Zielinski

Doug Annear, John Canada Terrell, Stephen Osmond, Alan Deveau, Mike MacDonald, Tony Travis, Annie McAuley, Lolita Davidovich, Jason Logan, Colleen Karney, Tracey Tanner, Jon Mikl Thor, Herb Field, Mark Blutman, Kim Cayer, Sasha Dolgy, Adrien Dorval, Tom Melissis, Carolyn Tweedle

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"What the Academy don't want the Police Force get ...!" A harried police captain of a small California town ordered to rid the streets of criminals in two weeks, turns his traffic motorcycle division into crime fighters and trains a civilian team to supervise traffic control, with disappointing results. Within two weeks, Sgt. Hardbutt has to clean up the crime in the streets before the Governor arrives. Hardbutt is forced to supplement his overworked staff with civilian "recruits" who he schemes to use to a disastrous advantage.