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Title AKA:/aka/ 007 James Bond /aka/ Connery Collection

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Year: / LaserDisc / 338 mins

Director: Terence Young / Terence Young / Guy Hamilton

"DR. NO": Sean Connery; Ursula Andress"FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE": Sean Connery; Daniela Bianchi "GOLDFINGER": Sean Connery; Honor Blackman; Gert Frobe

Video Notes:
DR. NO: An agent of the British Secret Service, James Bond (007), is sent out to the West Indies in order to find out why another of his number was killed. His arrival is not welcomed by everyone, but it is not long before he is on the trail of the killer. The trail leads to a secretive scientist, Dr. No, but the discovery has wider implications. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE: James Bond, 007, is sent on a mission to Istanbul to try and acquire a Russian cypher machine known as Lektor from a defecting Russian agent. However, the Russians have no knowledge of this as it is a S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ploy to lure James Bond into a trap - a fitting tribute to their now- dead agent Dr. No. GOLDFINGER: The Bank of England has discovered that someone is stockpiling vast quantities of gold and suspects international bullion dealer Auric Goldfinger of being involved. The Bank requests that British agent James Bond be sent to investigate. Bond soon uncovers an audacious plan to commit "the crime of the century" and bring economic chaos to the West. LaserDisc Features: Deluxe Box Set Featuring All Three Films; Original Theatrical Trailer For Each Film Include trailers for all three movies. LASERDISC FEATURES : 1.66 : 1, Letterbox, NTSC; Closed Captioning: CC Master format: Film; Sides: 6 (CLV) Language: English