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Title: YEAR of The COMET (Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Daly)
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OUR PRICE: $39.75

Year: 1992 / VHS / 135 mins

Director: Peter Yates

Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Daly, Louis Jourdan, Art Malik, Ian Richardson, Ian McNeice, Timothy Bentinck, Julia McCarthy, Jacques Mathou

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In the hopes of making a mark in her father's world of high-priced wines, Maggie accepts a simple job of cataloging the cellar of an old Scottish castle. There, she uncovers the rarest wine in history. "Maggie Harwood (Penelope Ann Miller) is a British wine merchant's daughter obsessed with making it in her father's business. She is delighted when he sends her out on a routine business mission to a remote castle in Scotland. What appears to be an average job cataloging the stock of an ancient wine cellar becomes an opportunity of a lifetime when Maggie discovers a 150-year-old bottle of wine from a legendary year, believed to have once belonged to Napoleon. What Maggie doesn't realize is that she is working directly underneath a group of deranged scientists that is hiding out in the supposedly abandoned castle. When the scientists discover what Maggie is up to they decide to get in on the action in a madcap chase that takes Maggie and her precious bottle of wine from Scotland to France, braving hairy helicopter rides and the murky depths of the ocean. Along the way, she meets Oliver Plexico (Tim Daly), a young man also in search of the bottle at the behest of his millionaire employer. Thrown together out of necessity, Maggie prefers to keep her distance from Oliver, whom she considers an ill-bred lout. But as the chase heats up, so do things between Maggie and Oliver. Together they face a series of hysterical and thrilling adventures, one step ahead of thieves and deranged killers in hot pursuit of the million-dollar bottle. Peter Yates's YEAR OF THE COMET is a charming romantic adventure filled with high-stakes action and delirious chase scenes." VIEWER COMMENT : "This is the first entertaining movie i've seen in a long time. Penelope & Tim are both funny and appealing I would like to see more of these types of films. I love intriguing chase movies."