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Title: OPERATION ORIENT (Private Screenings) Gordon Mitchell
Title AKA:/aka/ Ishyri dosi... sex

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Year: 1978 / VHS / 94 mins

Director: Ilias Mylonakos

Annamaria Clementi, Gianni Gori, Mersiha Colakovic, Rosaria Della Femmina, Gordon Mitchell, Antonis Liotsis, Pantelis Agelopoylos, George Kiriakidis, Notis Pizzilo, George Zenios, Michael Andreoy, Dinos Vironos, Anna Richardson, Vasilis Virvilis

Video Notes:
An international drug dealer devises a plot to smuggle heroin into the United States by hiding it in a statue which is to be a cultural gift to the U.S. government. When a rival gang steals the drug laden work of art, the violence begins.