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Title: BLADE RUNNER (Criterion with Narration)
Title AKA:/aka/ Bladerunner

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Year: 1982 / LaserDisc / 118 mins

Director: Ridley Scott

Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

Video Notes:
Deckard is a Blade Runner, a police man of the future who hunts down and terminates replicants, artificially created humans. He wants to get out of the force, but is drawn back in when 5 "skin jobs", a slang term for replicants, hijack a ship back to Earth. The city that Deckard must search for his prey is a huge, sprawling, bleak vision of the future. This film questions what it is to be human, and why life is so precious. Double Disc. LaserDisc Features: - The Syd Mead Gallery : a collection of original gouache illustrations, pen and marker renderings, and preliminary sketches. -A Fan's Notes : including a detailed scene-by-scene analysis of the film. -BLADE RUNNER Trivia Test 2.35 : 1 Letterbox NTSC Closed Captioning: none Master format: Film : Pressed at: 3M, USA Sides: 4 (CAV) Language: English : Language: English