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Title: APOCALYPSE NOW (Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall)
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Year: 1979 / LaserDisc / 153 mins

Director: Francis Ford Coppola, John Milius (Screenplay), Joseph Conrad (novel), Carmine Coppola (Music), Walter Murch (co-Edit)

Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Frederic Forrest, Albert Hall, Sam Bottoms, Larry Fishburne, Dennis Hopper, G. D. Spradlin, Harrison Ford, Scott Glenn, Tom Mason, Colleen Camp, Francis Ford Coppola

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Based on Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness, this is a controversial addition to the multitude of Vietnam war movies in existence. We follow Captain Willard on his mission into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade Green Beret who has set himself up as a God among a local tribe. Notes taken by Coppola's wife have recently been used to create "Hearts Of Darkness" - a fascinating and revealing account of the making of this movie. 8 Academy Award nominations includes BEST PICTURE,Best Director,Best Adapted Screenplay(Coppola & John Milius),Best Supporting Actor(Duvall). Won 2 Oscars: Best Cinematography(Vittorio Storaro),Best Sound. LaserDisc Features: -Double Disc; -Production notes, the "APOCALYPSE NOW" Log outlines eventful daily events throughout the production.-Remastered Digital Surround Sound IMDB INFO : 1.9 : 1 Letterbox NTSC; Closed Captioning: CC; Master format: Film; Pressed at: Pioneer, USA; Sides: 4 (CLV/CAV); Chapter stops: 20; Language: English