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Title: OLDEST LIVING GRADUATE (Henry Fonda, George Grizzard, Cloris Leachman)
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Year: 1980 / VHS / 75 mins

Director: Jack Hofsiss

Henry Fonda, George Grizzard, Cloris Leachman, Penelope Milford, John Lithgow, Harry Dean Stanton, David Ogden Stiers, Timothy Hutton

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Henry Fonda leads a star-studded ensemble in this filmed play. A curmudgeonly colonel, and domineering husband-father, reflects on his glory years as a young soldier in the First World War. He recalls the exotic locales he visited, the beautiful women he wooed, and the heroism he demonstrated. These reminiscences, though, only increase his bitterness, which stems from a troubled family life and physical ailments. A 75-year-old World War I veteran engages in an emotional clash of wills with his son over the disposition of a parcel of land that he has owned for many years. This hard-hitting drama represents Henry Fonda's final stage role. "The Oldest Living Graduate" was recorded live at the Southern Methodist University auditorium and was the first live broadcast of a primetime drama in 18 years. Producers had originally hoped that this film would be the first in a series of such live dramas. Originally shown on NBC-TV. The Oldest Living Graduate" Henry Fonda's final stage role! VHS 1982...75 minutes. Originally telecast live from Dallas' Southern Methodist University on April 7, 1980, The Oldest Living Graduate was adapted from Preston Jones's 1974 play. Henry Fonda stars as Col. J. C. Kincaid, crusty patriarch of a Texas family. Kincaid's weak-willed son Floyd (George Grizzard) wants to get into the old man's good graces so that he, Floyd, can develop the Colonel's vast land ownings. Floyd arranges a city-wide celebration lauding Kincaid as the oldest living graduate of nearby military academy. The festivities serve only to make the already sour Kincaid even more truculent and miserable. Cloris Leachman, John Lithgow, Harry Dean Stanton, Penelope Milford, David Ogden Stiers, Timothy Hutton, and Allyn Ann MacLerie also star in The Oldest Living Graduate." - Hal Erickson. VIEWER COMMENT: "Wow! What a Performance! This video is worthy every penny. This is one of the finest TV productions that I have seen in a long time. Henry Fonda's performance as "Colonel J. C. Kincaid" was flawless. This was a stage play, that was done for live television on April 7, 1980. The product description provided by is wrong, it was not done in 1982 it was 1980, and it's not a 75m. program it is a 90m. program. The cast is brilliant, Henry Fonda, Cloris Leachman, George Grizzard, and John Lithgow all deliver 5 star performances. I highly recommend this VHS, it has everything you want in a movie, laughter and tears. You'll never forget it."