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Title: JOHNNY SOKKO 3 (2 Shows) TOEI Japanimation
Title AKA:/aka/ Jiyaianto Robo /aka/ Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot Destroy the Dam / Transformed Humans

OUR PRICE: $37.50

Year: 1969 / VHS / 49 mins

Director: Manuel San Fernando

Mitsuo Andou

Video Notes:
Special package ALL FOUR VOLUMES: $300. Will Emperor Guillotine and his Gargoyle Gang take over the Earth? The infamous Gargoyle vine is back! A colossol new sprout rises up out of a lake and swallows up all the water. Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot come to the rescue in "DESTROY THE DAM". In episode 6, "THE TRANSFORMED HUMANS" The Gargoyle Gang unleash another terrifying monster-big enough to swallow an entire train. On board is a Unicorn Chief who is taken hostage and transformed into a cyborg! Sounds like another job for Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot! From the TOEI COMPANY in Japan. VIEWER COMMENT : "Cool movie that brought back many memories. Pure fantasy, you must look beyond that, and this movie should entertain you. Clearly primitive special effects, but I liked it then, when the special effects were what I really appreciated."