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Title: YESSONGS (Yes)
Title AKA:/aka/ Yes Songs

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Year: 1973 / VHS / 70 mins

Director: Not Listed

YES, Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, Alan White

Video Notes:
Yes captured in concert from their 1973 Close to the Edge tour. Filmed live at London's Rainbow Theatre in December 1972, the innovative group Yes performs its progressive rock symphonies -- epic compositions that influenced new trends in contemporary music. "Yessongs" provides a visual record of the concert tour that became a groundbreaking tour de force in rock music. This unique concert video of Yes was filmed during their record-breaking tour and features the talents of the five original band members. The massively popular band defined the prog rock movement with their mystical epics which infused both a Medieval and Classical sound into rock music. Titles performed include "Close to the Edge," "All Good People," and "Roundabout."