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Title: RISE & FALL OF THE 3rd REICH (Richard Basehart)
Title AKA:/aka/ Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

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Year: 1968 / VHS / 120 mins

Director: Jack Kaufman

Richard Basehart (narrator)

Video Notes:
A painstakingly compiled pictorial record of Adolf Hitler's twelve-year reign of terror. Included are interviews with many of Hitler's closest associates. VIEWER COMMENT : "THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH (1968) was the first-ever TV mini-series, running 6 hours over three consecutive nights. Shortened by 2/3s, it exists now only as a theatrical release. Lost in the process are many interviews of partcipants, witnesses and victims of the 12 year horror that was Nazi Germany. The book's author, William L. Shirer appears twice. Stock footage, particularly of Post-WWI Germany is of great interest. Excerpts of several Hitler speeches are seen and heard, but translations are few and subtitles non-existent. Clearly intentional, for this is no unbiased work. At times the outrage and seething hatred for Der Fuhrer is so obvious you can touch it. Narrative insults are employed (not that the bastid didn't deserve 'em!). In its present form, "Rise and Fall" is a fast-moving story consisting primarily of contemporary war and other footage. A David L. Wolper production for MGM, directed by Jack Kaufman, written by Alan Landsburg. Film score: Lalo Schifrin ("Mission Impossible")."