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Title: GANJASAURUS REX (Paul Bassis)
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OUR PRICE: $295.00

Year: 1987 / VHS / 86 mins

Director: Ursi Reynolds

Paul Bassis, Dave Fresh, Rosie Jones

Video Notes:
He's mean, he's green and he's mad. From the heart of the California Hills comes a close encounter of the prehistoric kind. A giant tyrannosaur terrorizes a band of California marijuana growers. This sci-fi horror spoof has a pro-legalization of marijuana theme as it tells the story of Government agents who accidentally unleash a gigantic prehistoric pothead upon the planet while burning illegal crops in the Northern California Hills. Let's just hope the giant lizard doesn't have a wicked case of the munchies! VIEWER COMMENT: " This movie should be in the home of every stoner who ever loved horrible films. And those people should be arrested for suspicion of terrorist activities through the use and distribution of really bad film; film so bad, it is hilarious. Deliberately so. Beyond creative thought, the fact this movie even got completed says awesome things about the creators, and really bad things about the quality of dope they were smoking. Amazingly, the original music is quite good. Maybe not so amazing, after all, though; this was made by stoned musicians with nothing else to do than run pot fantasies on their favorite toys. I have actually bought this terrible and terribly entertaining film twice now."