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Title: HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS (Gunnar Hansen) Original PAL
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Year: 1987 / PAL / 82 mins

Director: Fred Olen Ray

Gunnar Hansen, Linnea Quigley, Jay Richardson, Dawn Wildsmith, Michelle Bauer, Dennis Mooney, Jerry Fox, Esther Alyse, Tricia Brown

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Jack Chandler is a private eye tracking down Samantha the runaway. In his travels, he comes across a gang of chainsaw weilding prostitutes that like to carve people up for their cult. "Endowed with a great title, hordes of topless women wielding chainsaws, and starring Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS is an often funny and genuinely entertaining horror/exploitation romp from Fred Olen Ray (EVIL TOONS). The story follows Jack Chandler, a private detective on the trail of a missing girl named Samantha. Unfortunately, Samantha has been recruited by an ancient Egyptian chainsaw worshipping cult that is lead by The Master (Hansen) and consists entirely of buxom prostitutes. Soon, Jack finds himself in over his head with these hookers, and the prime candidate for a ritual sacrifice at the hands of the nubile Mercedes." VIEWER COMMENT: "This movie has everything any red-blooded American male B-movie buff could ever ask for. Beautiful women. Killing. Beautiful women. Comedy. Beautiful women. A wiseacre detective a la Mike Hammer on valium. And all of it on the cheap. If you're one of those PC Nazis, you'll hate it, but if you can take low-brow comedy with a grain of salt it'll be a fabulous movie-going experience."