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Title: BLIND RAGE (Fred Williamson) PAL Vhs
Title AKA:/aka/ The Blind Mafia /aka/ The Blind Maffia

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Year: 1978 / PAL / 85 mins

Director: Efren C Pinion

Fred Williamson, D'Urville Martin, Leo Fong, Tony Ferrer, Dick Adair, Darnell Garcia, Charlie Davao, Leila Hermosa, Carlos Pidalla Jr, Efren C Pinion

Video Notes:
TAGLINE : "But even 15 Million CIA Dollars Won't Get Them Back Their Sight!" Five blind master killers pull off the most unbelievable heist of all time, an ingenious plot to steal fifteen million dollars from a secret CIA fund. Revenge made them hate the man...but money was the excuse to blast him! US government agent Jesse Crowder (Fred Williamson) isn't about to let them get away with it. Five friends get together and decide to plan an operation to rob a bank. The main difference between this and other bank-robbing gangs, however, is that all five men are blind. VIEWER COMMENT : "Ever see a film that you knew deep down was bad, but you were able to suspend your usual beliefs about what a good movie should be and enjoy it anyway? Meet BLIND RAGE, a low-budget '70s anti-masterpiece. The plot is highly original, if not ridiculous. Five blind men are assembled to rob a bank in broad daylight. Why? Because who would ever suspect blind men of robbing a bank? (Well, there's a bit more to it than that, but I won't spoil it for you). The group of visually-impaired thieves (no, you've never heard of any of the actors) is carefully trained in a mock bank by the lovely Sally (Leila Hermosa, who later landed a coveted role in the highly acclaimed BONGGA KA DAY). But can they pull it off? Well, this is a dumb '70s movie, isn't it? BLIND RAGE isn't rife with so-bad-it's-good humor, but it certainly has its moments. I'll never forget the badly-dubbed scene where one of the blind dudes breaks up an attempted sexual assault by another. In a voice with about as much emotion as Eeyore before coffee, our hero orders the aggressor to "Get off her... sex hungry bastard." Then there's the hilarity of desperate producers trying to pass this off as a Fred Williamson actioneer. They don't tell you that Freddy doesn't show up until about the last 20 minutes (though he is vintage cigar-chomping Williamson once he finally arrives)."