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Title: LIFE Mag 4-5-1948 Baseball Brooklyn DODGER ROOKIES
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Year: 1948
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Brooklyn Dodgers

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COVER PHOTO: 150 Brooklyn Dodger Rookies in Spring Training at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida. Interesting photos of China's Dowager Empress. Full page color Western Electric ad showing telephone central office wiring, art by James Bingham. Nice full page color Kotex ad with couple and scottie dog, art by Tom Hall. Pan-American Coffee Bureau ad with color illustration by Albert Dorne. Haralson Hunt and other rich people from the Southwest. Photo - new statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Melanesian Albino in Trobriand Islands. Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad with art by Douglass Crockwell, fishing theme. Two page color ad for Swiftning Lard with art by Francis Chase. Toscanini does first live radio music performance. First non-stop photography - jukebox. The MacArthur Gamble for the Presidency. Photo essay - the Ozark Spring. California veteran paraplegics go to college UCLS, including Richard Coleman, George Hohman, others. New York attorneys paint in their spare time - Carl Newton, Alexander Lindey, Phillip Haberman, Freda Fineman. Swimming baby - Sherry Lynn Whitford. Feature on Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sedlec church in Czechoslovakia is decorated with bones. Artur Rubinstein, pianist, profile by Winthrop Sargeant. Full page ad stating "a quarter of a million Jews are still behind barbed wire in Germany, Austria, Italy ..." - the United Jewish Appeal for money. Nice article on Dodgertown, training camp for the Brooklyn Dodgers, baseball. Color COKE ad back cover. Half page ad page 7 for Walt Disney MELODY TIME. Full Page Color Ad for Word Book Encyclopedia. Color ad page 103 for Club Aluminum. Page 78 Half Page ad for Whizzer Motor Bike. Page 56 Full page ad/article for I REMEMBER MAMA premier at Radio City Music Hall. Beautiful Double Page in center for Mobil Gas. Full page ads with color for Champion Spark Plugs and Nash autos.

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Bright Brilliant Image; Address Stamp Back Cover; NO Subscription Label; Pages Tight; Staples Good No Rust

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