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Title: LIFE
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OUR PRICE: $35.00

Year: 1999
Director: Ted Demme

Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence

Poster Notes:
Ray Gibson (Eddie Murphy) has just contacted his way into a night club; when he secretly watches his evening's first victim--the ingenuous Claude Banks (Martin Lawrence), who is an ambitious bank teller and part-time gambler. Claude then gets out for one night with his girl and is very aware that Ray has singled him out. After raising Claude's wallet, Ray feels so trusting that he has robbed enough money to pay off goods and services owed to Spanky (Rick James). Deplorably for Ray and Claude, the job is the beginning of a succession of social gatherings which will modify the movement of their lives. Then they start being held up in prison for the various criminal activities.

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Crease Mark - Significant (see notes); Paper Loss - Minor Chipping on Edges; Pin Holes – Multiple;

Poster Form: Rolled

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