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Title: HOWLING 47x63 France Grande
Title AKA:/aka/ Hurlements

OUR PRICE: $75.00

Year: 1980
Director: Joe Dante, John Sayles (co-Wrote)

Dee Wallace Stone, Patrick Macnee, John Carradine

Poster Notes:
Co-written by John Sayles. Eye-popping special effects highlight an updated werewolf story. TV newswoman, Karen White, goes on a retreat after a traumatic incident with a serial killer. But is she really safe? And what should she fear more: regaining her memory or the creepy residents of "The Colony"? Followed by many unsatisfying and unconnected sequels. Helped launch shortlived werewolf craze in early eighties.

Condition Notes:
Brilliant Image; Fold Wear - Age Appropriate; Crease Mark - Minor; Pin Holes – Few; Tears Minor; Bright

Poster Form: Folded

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