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OUR PRICE: $45.00

Year: 1960
Director: Mervyn LeRoy

Ernie Kovacs, Margo Moore, Jack Warden

Poster Notes:
Russ is a schnook. Therefore if something can go wrong it will. His wife is into insurance of all kinds. She wants him to get his GI insurance while he can. After she forces him to apply (schnook), he must explain that he has two serial numbers (schnook). When he was shot down over Germany he was presumed dead and needed a second number to get discharged (schnook). So naturally realizing that the (schnook) being in the service only one-day on the second serial number, is called up to finish his time. He ends up on an island in the middle of the Sea of Japan. There he has a revelation that saves his sanity and that of 400 other servicemen.

Condition Notes:
Crease Mark - Minor (see notes); Fold Wear - Age Appropriate; Paper Loss - Border Only (see notes); Tears Border Only; Paper Yellowing - Slight; Tape Stain - Minor Border Only;

Poster Form: Folded

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