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Title: Jess Franco's SADOMANIA 28x39 Spain 1Sht
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OUR PRICE: $100.00

Year: 1981
Director: Jess Franco

Ajita Wilson, Andrea Guzzon

Poster Notes:
Country of Origin. In a remote corner of the American Mid-West is the Hacienda Blanca, a work camp for women criminals. Behind this innocent name hides a gruesome and dirty place where torture and sadism reign. Maga, the commander of the camp is a mulatto women full of violent urges who roles over her victims with brute force. State governor Mendoza leaves Maga a free hand as he desires some of the female prisoners and is presented them as gifts. The women are sold to a white slave trader who exploits them to their last breath in a terrible brothel frequented by factory workers employed in the jungle and ravenous for sex!

Condition Notes:
Crease Mark - Minor; Fold Wear - Age Appropriate; Tears Border Only; Paper Yellowing - Slight; Country of Origin

Poster Form: Folded

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