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Title AKA:/aka/ Galactica Astronave De Combate /aka/ "CU of 2 men with pistols in cave"

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Year: 1978
Director: Donald P. Bellisario, et al

Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict

Poster Notes:
No year on poster but appears to be original vintage - 1978. (Information provided from episode summaries created by the Battlestar Galactica mailing list) The story of how the 12 colonies of man are destroyed after a 1000 year war with the evil Cylon Empire. Through deceit, the Cylons are able to destroy the Colonies' entire fleet, except for the Battlestar Galactica, captained by Commander Adama. Adama gathers up the few remaining humans left on all the twelve worlds and embarks on a journey to find the mythical planet Earth, the supposed thirteenth colony of Mankind, lost millennia ago when humans first left the motherworld, Kobol. With food and fuel running out, the fleet heads for an ore planet, Carillon, hoping to get what it needs. The Ovions, who populate the planet, are being controlled by the Cylons, who set a trap for the Galactica. The fleet gets food and fuel, and escapes, destroying Carillon and a Cylon Base Star. Cast includes Ed Begley Jr., John Colicos, Lew Ayres, Laurette Spang, Terry Carter. See also "Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack" (#4438) and "Conquest of the Earth" (#4416).

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Bright Brilliant Image; No year on poster but appears to be original vintage - 1978

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