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Title AKA:/aka/ "CU of 2 women near skull"

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Year: 1981
Director: Jess Franco

Candy Coster, Lynn Andersen, Robert Foster

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Description that follows is a "literal" TRANSLATION from the original Spanish review. Read very carefully to INTERPRET the author's intent. "At the beginning of the eighty, in the heat of transition, the habitual consumers of erótico cinema (then classified S) were themselves surprised by a singular film. The film in abundance offered carnaza, actresses known within the sort and stimulating sequences with naked bodies in apparent state of excitation. But the majority left the cinema with the idea that they had not included/understood anything, (in spite of little which it was generally necessary to include/understand in that type of cinema) or of which the boy of the center from his cabin had even been mistaken when selecting the order of projection of the coils. With "Sex He Is Crazy", Frank decides to take to the end his obsessions but this time it also decides to surprise (to infuriate) the spectator (voyeur) with an absolutely ahistórica history where the script volume those of Villadiego to the little seconds of game and everything becomes an exercise of freedom taken to you complete consequences for the director, the actors, the equipment of running (it assumes) and, in I complete I finish and by extension, for the own spectator. Considero a this one reduccionista reading of the true possibilities of this singular film that other critical or such have even compared with Him fantôme of I freed of Buñuel or other cinematographic tests of Jean-Luc Godard." By Víctor Baron`

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