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Title: ONCE UPON a TIME In The WEST 28x39 Spain 1Sht
Title AKA:/aka/ Hasta Que Llego Su Hora /aka/ C'era una volta il West

OUR PRICE: $95.00

Year: 1981
Director: Sergio Leone

Claudia Cardinale, Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson

Poster Notes:
Brett McBain is preparing a welcoming feast for the woman he married last month in New Orleans when he and his three children are gunned down by desperadoes. Frank, the most hardened villain, works for the railroad that will pass through the land Jill McBain has inherited. Will auctioning off the land quickly increase her odds of surviving? Harmonica gets the money for the high bid by turning in Cheyenne for the $5,000 award. And he keeps Jill, too, but seems more interested in settling an old score with Frank than either the land or the lovely widow.

Condition Notes:
Bright Brilliant Image; Fold Wear - Age Appropriate; Paper Loss - Image Area; Tears Border Only;

Poster Form: Folded

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