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Year: 1968
Director: Michael Anderson

Anthony Quinn, Oskar Werner, David Janssen, Laurence Olivier

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36 Pages with nearly 80 photos. After twenty years in a Siberian labor camp, Kiril Lakota is set free. The Catholic priest is released and sent to Rome, where the ailing Pope makes him a Cardinal. The world is in a state of crisis - a famine in China is exacerbated by United States restrictions on Chinese trade and the ongoing Chinese-Soviet feud. When the pontiff dies, Lakota finds himself in the running for the papacy, but is plagued by self-doubt, by his years in prison, and by the strange world he knows so little about. This movie contains extensive information about Catholic faith & practice, as a television news reporter steps in from time-to-time to explain the procedures involved in selecting a new Pope. 2 Academy Award nominations including Best Original Score.

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Bright Brilliant Image; 36 Pages with nearly 80 photos.

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