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Title AKA:/aka/ What Everyone Should Know About The Movie Rating System : G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17

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Art by CLARKE. No year on poster but appears to be original vintage. HISTORY OF MPAA FILM RATING SYSTEM: The system was instituted on November 1, 1968, as a response to complaints about the presence of sexual content, graphic violence, scatology, and profanity in American film following the MPAA revisions to the Production Code of America in 1966. Rated X: Persons under 18 not admitted. Originally, the X rating wasn't trademarked, under the plan; anyone not submitting his or her film for rating could self apply the X or any other symbol or description, except those trademarked by the rating program. The original plan had been to use only three rating categories, ending with R. Some newspaper advertisements clearly show that ages on advertising even for R- and X-rated films would occasionally be altered to read 18 instead of 17. Other local boards (involved in the early negotiations of the rating system) even wished to classify the age as high as 21 or 25, depending on the board. Rated GP: All Ages Admitted/Parental Guidance Suggested - The G in GP was meant to designate that the film had no age restrictions on audience admissions (like the G rating, "All Ages Admitted"), while the P in GP was to draw attention to a distinction that, although no ages would be restricted, parental guidance was suggested. (The problems with this designation would cause it to soon be further revised into the PG rating, which did not sound so similar to a G rating, and which also had letters that would directly represent the phrase "Parental Guidance.") Age problems with the R and X ratings. At the same time (1970) the ages on the R and X ratings were increased from 16 to 17 (where the R rating has remained ever since), although the age on the X rating would still vary in certain jurisdictions until it was officially changed to an NC-17.

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