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Title AKA:/aka/ Robinson Crusoe En Marte /aka/ "CU of Crusoe looking at rocks"

OUR PRICE: $25.00

Year: 1964
Director: Byron Haskin

Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin, Adam West

Poster Notes:
Commander Kit Draper and Colonel Dan McReady are orbiting Mars in an exploritory surveyor. A malfunction forces them to eject with only Draper and a monkey named Mona surviving. Draper must learn to survive in this hostile environment fighting thirst, hunger and even hostile aliens if he expects to see home again.

Condition Notes:
Crease Mark - Minor (see notes); Paper Loss - Minor Chipping on Edges; Paper Yellowing - Slight; Pin Holes – Few; Water Mark - Border Only; Tears Border Only;

Poster Form: Not Listed

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