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Title: PEPE
Title AKA:/aka/ "CU of Cantinflas holding ring with Kim Novak with box of rings"

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Year: 1960
Director: George Sidney

Cantinflas, Dan Dailey, Shirley Jones, 35 Guest Stars

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Changing his name to Cantinflas, Mexican actor Mario Moreno became the most popular performer in all the Spanish-speaking world, his character combining Harry Langdon's gentleness, Charlie Chaplin's feistiness, and Buster Keaton's knockabout physicality. After the enormous success of Mike Todd's AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, in which Cantinflas played a key role, Columbia decided to star him in another cameo-packed epic. Here Cantinflas plays Pepe, a Mexican ranch hand whose beloved white stallion is sold to dissolute Hollywood film director Ted Holt (Dan Dailey). Pepe follows Holt and the horse to California, where he persuades Holt to allow him to stay on and tend the steed. Next, Pepe falls in love with Suzie Murphy (Shirley Jones), a waitress who aspires to movie stardom. When Holt needs money for a film, Pepe takes his meager savings to Las Vegas, wins a bundle, and gives it to his boss. Holt names Pepe producer of the picture and gives Suzie the starring role, but soon after they begin shooting, Holt is again low on money and has to sell his horse. Pepe's hurt over the sale is aggravated when he realizes that Suzie loves Holt. Eventually all works out for the best, however, with Pepe reunited with his true love--the horse. Along the way, there are 35 guest appearances, with the likes of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chevalier, Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby, and Jack Lemmon doing various and generally extraneous bits and songs. Even with all of the above, PEPE was a bust at the box office and put an end to the US career of Cantinflas--who, however, continued to be an enormous success with Spanish-speaking audiences.

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