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Year: 1965
Director: Federico Caldura, Luca De Rico

Armando Benetti, Ignazio Colnaghi

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Topo Gigio was a mouse puppet who appeared regularly on the Ed Sullivan Show during the '60s. This children's fantasy is his feature film debut and chronicles his adventurous attempt to make it to the moon. Accompanied by his best pals, Topo boards a rocket. Unfortunately, it lands in an amusement park where the trio end up aiding a kindly puppet master. With Topo's help, the puppeteer has the most popular act on the midway, something that rankles the jealous magician who performs next door. For revenge, the magician abducts one of Topo's pals. Fortunately, the ingenious rodent has a few tricks and, depending on the version seen, either learns the magician's secrets and publicly humiliates him or persuades the prestidigitator to mend his ways and team up with the puppeteer. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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Crease Mark - Minor; Fold Wear - Age Appropriate; Pin Holes – Few; Tears Border Only;

Poster Form: Folded

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