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Title AKA:/aka/ Nosferatu Principe De Las Tinieblas /aka/ Nosferatu En Venecia /aka/ Vampire in Venice /aka/ "CU of man choking man"

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Year: 1988
Director: Mario Caiano

Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer

Poster Notes:
No year on poster but appears to be original vintage - 1988. Not to be confused with Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU (1979), this Italian made vampire film features Klaus Kinski as the lead character. Haunted by mysterious dreams, the Princess Henrietta enlists the aid of Professor Catalano (Plummer) to help solve her problem. One of her ancestors was the lover of Nosferatu. Catalano is an expert on vampirism, and know a lot about the history of Nosferatu. The Princess is convinced that the legendary vampire is locked in a tomb beneath her family's home. She hires a spiritual medium to contact the vampire's spirit, and awakens the bloodsucker. It turns out that Kinski is many miles away, in another country. With the help of a gypsy and her crystal ball, Kinski sees the face of Henrietta and embarks on a journey to Venice. Unknown to Kinski, the face he saw, is not the same woman who's desire he feels.

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Bright Brilliant Image; No year on poster but appears to be original vintage - 1988.

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