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Title AKA:/aka/ Sam Wood's Guest Wife

OUR PRICE: $65.00

Year: 1945
Director: Sam Wood

Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, Grant Mitchell

Poster Notes:
Funny guy Don Ameche plays Joe, a journalist long overdue for a vacation but stuck with a family-minded boss. Joe finally complains that he needs some time with his own wife and gets the vacation he needs. There’s only one problem--Joe isn't married. Best buddy Chris (Richard Foran) comes to the rescue, offering to let Joe borrow his wife, Mary, played by heartthrob Claudette Colbert. The plan runs smoothly until Joe, Mary, and Chris end up in the same house, with Mary and Joe forced to share the same bedroom in order to keep the deception alive. The pairing of Ameche with Colbert provides for excellent comedy, and the sure hand of director Sam Wood keeps the pacing alive in this light comedy.

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