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Title: ZOTZ
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Year: 1962
Director: William Castle

Tom Poston, Julia Meade, Jim Backus, Fred Clark

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Tom Poston finds the ZOTZ! coin, and discovers its awesome powers. He attempts to make the secret available to the US government, but is brushed off as a lunatic. Tom has some fun with the power of Zotz. The discovery becomes the interest of foreign agents, who attempt to steal the secret any way they can. Tom is captured, then escapes and is pursued. At the conclusion the coin is lost, our government realizes its error, and at the end of the movie is engaged in a massive search for the coin. Director William Castle would lure audiences to his films by appearing in the movie trailers and psyching the audience up with his antics. Most of his films included outrageous gimmicks like an insurance policy against death by fright for MACABRE (1958), skeletons that whistled over the audience in a process called "Emergo" during critical scenes in HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and his most crazy stunt, "Percepto", which literally shocked the audience by wiring selected seats in the theater with electricity and administering mind jolts during momemts in THE TINGLER (1959). Castle is also noted as the producer of the psychological thriller ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968). In 1993, a film version of Castle's life was made called "Matinee" starring John Goodman as the master showman of schlock.

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Bright Brilliant Image; Color Fade – Minor; Paper Yellowing - Slight; Water Mark - Border Only; Pin Holes – Multiple;

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