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Year: 1954
Director: Richard Thorpe

Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Edmund Purdom, Linda Christian

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A stuffy lawyer who aspires to politics suddenly risks everything when he dumps his socialite fiancee for a pretty, but eccentric health fanatic. Attorney, Purdom, and singer, Damone, romance two sisters, Reynolds and Powell, who live with and are strongly influenced by eccentric, health oriented and star gazing grandparents. Athena Mulvain (Jane Powell) has attorney Adam Shaw (Edmund Purdom) reeling, and she knows he will marry her because the stars say so. The same goes for her sister Minerva (Debbie Reynolds) and the idol of the bobby-soxers Johnny Nyle (Vic Damone.) But winning the girls also involves their weight-lifting grandfather (Louis Calhern), star-gazing grandmother (Evelyn Varden) and their five beautiful, gymnastic sisters (Virginia Gibson, Nancy Kilgas, Dolores Starr, Jane Fischer and Cecile Rogers.) Adam and Johnny accept the health diet of molasses and yogurt and try to please the rest of the physical culture family, but trouble looms when Adam humiliates Grandpa's "Mr. America" protege (Steve Reeves) in a fight.

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Soil Mark; Minor Chipping on Edges; Pin Holes Few; Crease Minor; Tear Border Only;

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