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Year: 1954
Director: Anthony Pelissier

Gene Tierney, Leo Genn, Glynis Johns

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Barbara Vining (Glynis Johns), a teen-age girl in a small English town falls in love with her teacher Stephen Barlow (Leo Genn), who has no interest in her other than as a pupil and has done nothing to encourage her. When his wife, Kay Barlow (Gene Tierney) confronts her, Barbara runs off. Stephen follows her to try and explain to her how hopeless the situation is. When she doesn't return home, the gossip and rumors begin. Barbara's father (Walter Fitzgerald), an intelligent man is torn between his parental love and his basic wisdom, and her aunt (Pamela Brown), a neurotic old maid who also had a hopeless love affair years before, appears pleased with the situation. Barlow is accused of many lurid crimes, despite the lack of any evidence, and his marriage and career are nearly ruined until Barbara returns three days later and clears him.

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