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Title: LIFE Mag 4-1-1946 Baseball St Louis CARDINALS PITCHER Charles Red Barrett
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Year: 1946
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Charles Red Barrett

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COVER PHOTO: St Louis Cardinals Pitcher Charles 'Red' Barrett won 21 games after trade from Boston Braves. Now in Spring Training in Florida. Striking full page Philco refrigerator ad in white and black, starry night scene. Paris makes fashion comeback. Photo - Aga Khan is weighed in diamonds. Curious full page Dextrose ad with sliced white bread. Operation frostbite tests arctic carrier warfare. Goring proudly defends his nazi record. Progressive party disbands. Man who pushed Pearl Harbor, Senator Homer Ferguson. Close-up : Douglas Leigh, he prepares "spectaculars", parades and such. St. Louis Cardinals, including Terry Moore, Red Schoendienst, Dick Sisler, others. Groucho Marx learns how to be a spy for movie "A Night in Casablanca." Holy Land - photo essay. Buckminster Fuller house, Wichita, Kansas, circular, made of metal, supported above ground, prefabricated, made by Beech Aircraft Corporation. Excellent full page PM whiskey ad with porter and bellboy, art by Bender. Nightclubs : Moune, Parisian nightclub singer, Cecile Moumoune. Geiger counter. Beautiful full-page color Ford car ad, new 100-H.P. V-8 engine, green car plus crystal ball. Madman Horace F. plays the piano, he is seriously a patient in a hospital. Notes from Bali by Robert Sherrod. The course of true love : Vern Tobias and Eleanor Mager. Film SARATOGA TRUNK full page B&W ad.

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Magazine: Good to Very Good; Pages Tight; Staples Rusted; Crease Back Cover; Paper Chipping Edge; Paper Yellowing Minor; Tear- Minor Single Internal Page; Dog Ear Corners; Foxing Internal Pages Minor; NO Subscription Label; Address Stamp Back Cover

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