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Title: People Today Magazine MARILYN MONROE
Title AKA:/aka/ Vol 2 No 4 Feb 13, 1951 (66 pages) Marilyn Monroe MISS CHEESECAKE / Our Secret German Army / Gayelord Hauser On Diets / Lucky Luciano At Home / Grable As Geisha Girl / STEEL HELMET

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Year: 1951
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Marilyn Monroe, Lucky Luciano, Betty Grable, Groucho Marx

Poster Notes:
Extremely rare, early mag (Vol 2 No 4 Feb 13, 1951 66 pages) featuring MARILYN MONROE before her famous centerfold calendar in the inaugural issue of PLAYBOY, and having just finished her breakout parts in THE ASPHALT JUNGLE and ALL ABOUT EVE. Here the 22 year old MM is featured because she was just named "MISS CHEESECAKE" by a group of GIs in Germany. Other interesting articles feature gangster, LUCKY LUCIANO in "Lucky In Love", Betty Grable dressed up as a Geisha for a stage production, a look behind the making of TV shows with GROUCHO MARX including the introduction on televison ads for brassier merchants using live lingerie models. Shocking! Also there is three pages with photos devoted to the then new war film, THE STEEL HELMET by Director, Sam Fuller. Quite revolutionary for its time as it not only was the first film to involved the Korean War, but the first true gritty depiction of war's horror.

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Crease Cover; Staples Good No Rust; Scratch Back Cover

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